"Following God's calling by gently leading individuals and families to complete health in body, mind, and spirit. Restoring hope and giving insight and ability to attain this health with excellent service, integrity, love, education, and compassion."
- Lydia Capela, CEO

Weight Loss and Functional Medicine

Wooster, Ohio

Welcome to Living Well, located in Wooster, OH.  Our desire is to help you on your journey toward healthy living through Weight Loss and Wellness programs, as well as, Functional Medicine.  We are real individuals who have a real LOVE for helping other people, like yourself, in reaching their full health potential!  We have years of experience in aiding clients’ pursuit of their weight loss and health goals.  We hold dearly to our mission of restoring hope, providing excellent service, and helping to educate clients toward a healthy lifestyle.  We know how hard it can be to make the first step towards a healthy lifestyle or even in continuing a healthy lifestyle – and that is what we are here to help with! We want to assist, encourage and educate you on healthy living. To us, it’s not just a job, it’s a mission.  A mission to see those around us LIVING WELL in body, mind, and spirit.  We hope that with your first steps through our doors you will feel uplifted and ready to reap the benefits of healthy living!

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Call today to schedule an appointment and make this important step toward change! We look forward to meeting you.

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