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Dr. Aric focuses on getting to know you, not just your symptoms. Before your first appointment, we take a comprehensive medical history and lifestyle assessment to see a complete picture of your health. Then in your initial consult session, Dr. Aric focuses on listening to your story and learning more about you. We use both the assessment and consultation session to identify disease triggers and build a holistic functional wellness plan in Wooster OH to adapt to your lifestyle.

Skilled & Collaborative Effort:

When it comes to functional wellness at Complete Chiropractic and Living Well you aren’t just working with Dr. Aric alone. Dr. Aric frequently consults with various functional medicine providers and doctors around the country on a case-by-case basis to ensure you are delivered the best care for you.

Flexible Functional Wellness Care In Wooster OH:

With functional wellness at Complete Chiropractic and Living Well we don’t consider or treat you as a number. It’s a relationship and team effort to focus on your lifestyle and to work with Dr. Aric on developing a care-plan specific to YOU. We offer in-person and virtual appointments (for those at a distance from our office) in both one-on-one and shared settings. All of our services include an initial consultation with Dr. Aric.

Innovative & Researched:

We continue to study the effectiveness of functional medicine on health issues to ensure you’re provided with the most up to date care and information.

How Functional Medicine is Different:

It treats symptoms by addressing the underlying cause of the problem, which leads to more profound and longer lasting results.

Treats the body as an interconnected whole, and recognizes the importance of these connections in health and disease.

Treatments have mild or no side effects, and other unrelated complaints often improve spontaneously.

Treats the patient, not the disease. Treatments are highly individualized based on patient needs.

Patients are respected, empowered, educated and encouraged to play an active role in the healing process.

Combines the best of both modern and traditional medicines and emphasizes the importance of diet and lifestyle.

Tests and treatments designed to promote optimal function, prevent and reverse disease, and improve quality of life.


Here at Complete Chiropractic and Living Well we offer a variety of different testing that is available for all clients. If we aren’t testing, we’re guessing, and guessing doesn’t lead to health. However, we do not use any testing to diagnose you based off the results. Dr. Aric instead uses it as just another piece of the puzzle to identify patterns along with your past medical history and 1-on-1 appointments. Some of the testing we provide:

Premier Research Labs (PRL) was founded to deliver uncompromising quality and effectiveness by providing 100% non-toxic and effective products. In fact, PRL has achieved an industry first in creating premier nutritional products based on quantum cellular resonance technology. Our products are free of undesirable chemical tag-alongs and are designed to deliver the very best quality to you and your patient.

  • DNA Health & Wellness
  • Women's Health
  • Men's Health
  • Thyroid
  • Sleep & Stress (Adrenals)
  • Gut Health
  • Toxicity
  • Food & Inhalants
  • Inflammation & Vitamin D
  • Weight Loss
  • Cardiometabolic Health
  • Chronic Pain
  • And More!

Companies We Work With:

Vitalleo Health:

With Vitalleo, you get the purest ingredients in the forms your body can use immediately.


Biogenetix strives to produce the highest quality supplements on the market. Our products are made using modernized formulas, utilizing pure powder instead of granulated raw materials for greater potency and enhanced clinical response.


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