Meet Our Team at Living Well

Dr. Dale Capela and Lydia Capela

Weight Loss Wooster OH Dale and Lydia Capela and Family

Lydia Capela, the wife of Dr. Dale and homeschooling mother of six sweet children, is the CEO of Living Well. Lydia launched Living Well in 2013. Her passion to see people healthy is what drives and motivates her mission. Lydia understands and teaches that God has created us beautifully and wonderfully and we have been given the responsibility to be good stewards of our bodies. However, Lydia understands the time and life pressures that are a part of our busy culture. Lydia’s mission is to help grow and educate those on the importance and the need for weight loss and functional medicine. Since the start of Living Well, Lydia has helped hundreds of people successfully attain their weight loss and wellness goals. She knows that education and accountability are the key elements in helping people sustain their healthy lifestyles. From that knowledge, Lydia has incorporated a membership program to aide those who truly need the continued education and accountability partnerships. Lydia is always happy to help and leads her team with a smile.

Dr. Dale Capela leads his own business, Complete Chiropractic LLC, and assists in the Living Well practice. Dr. Dale has been an active chiropractor in the community for almost 2 decades and holds one of the most successful practices in the state of Ohio. He, like Lydia, holds a passion for sharing the incredible truth of how God made the body and how God made the body its own amazing healing communicators. Dr. Dale’s top priority is to restore proper communication to the nerve system which leads to the rest of the body and thus improves the quality and quantity of life. Together, Dr. Dale and Lydia continue on in their vision of transforming the lives of people in their community through healthy living. They are ready to help you next!

"Long life to you! Good health to you and your household! And good health to all that is yours!"
- 1 Samuel 25:6

Keirstin Carroll - Client Liaison

Weight Loss Wooster OH Keirstin Carroll Client Liasion

Keirstin joined the Living Well team in January 2014. Keirstin head’s up our support line and does an amazing job at assisting our clients through their weight loss and wellness journeys. She has a great passion for Health and Wellness and loves helping people achieve their God given potential. Outside of the office, Keirstin loves to spend time with her husband, two beautiful children and friends. Her hobbies include reading, writing and listening to music. She absolutely loves to exercise and always feels energized and refreshed when she does. Keirstin loves to start each day with her bible and a hot cup of coffee! She is always well organized and ready to assist all clients and new patients through their day-to-day life.

Hailey Lambert - Front Desk Receptionist

Weight Loss Wooster OH Hailey Lambert Front Desk Receptionist

Hailey jumped into the Living Well team in October of 2020. Hailey will be the first sweet smile that you see as you enter the Living Well doors. Hailey has learned so much about mental and physical health and wellness that she loves to assist both existing and new patients with whatever they may need. Hailey also assists with Dr. Dale’s practice and may be seen assisting many of the chiropractic patients. Hailey is working on getting her real estate license in her spare time. She loves to hike, bike and ice skate. She is very talented with calligraphy and is growing those skills as well. Hailey’s main goal in life is to spread the good news of Jesus. She has a very helpful and kind spirit and is ready to make your day a little bit better with each visit.

Courtney Stover - Consult Specialist

Weight Loss Wooster OH Courtney Stover Consult Specialist

Courtney started with the Living Well team in October 2019. Courtney is our Consult Specialist. Having gone through serious health scares she has found a strong passion for Natural Healing Wellness. She likes to apply her connection of healing through both her work life and personal life. When not in the office, she's taking care of her small hobby farm where she grows and raises her own food. Courtney absolutely loves animals and is always ready to do anything outdoors. Her inside hobbies include reading, cooking, making candles and soaps. Courtney strives diligently to help change people's perspective on healing your mind and body with food, exercise and functional medicine. She is very knowledgeable and ready to answer any questions you may have!

Ashley Havener - Wellness Consultant

Weight Loss Wooster OH Ashley Havener Wellness ConsultantAshley moved over to the Living Well team in October of 2020. Ashley helps with the first big steps of any weight loss program – getting you signed up! She wants you to feel ready and confident in achieving your weight loss and wellness goals before you truly begin. Ashley loves to get to know patients and clients and is ready and willing to answer any questions about our programs. Coming from Montana, Ashley loves to hike, hunt, swim and kayak. She loves everything that has to do with Moose and can’t wait to visit Alaska. Ashley loves to use her barista skills any chance she gets and whip up a delicious latte. She has a passion for the Word of God and loves being in church. Ashley is ready to meet with you and assist in your goals as soon as you are ready to begin your journey.


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